1. I just saw a wild parrot in its natural habitat. Huhuhu~

    Australia is so great. ; u ;

  2. ink and digital

  4. A quick sketch while waiting for the other class to leave the room last wednesday. 


  5. Anonymous said: Hey I just created an art selling tumblr blog today (advertise your art), and am looking to advertise works of art for free! Please see my blog for a full description. You seem like a great artist, and I am sure you would like to get your name out there even more...would you be willing to submit a few of your works? You can include ones that have already been posted 

    Hello anon! Thank you so much for saying that. Will it be alright if you give me a link to your blog? :D

  6. We Were Never Made for Water

  7. another one. teehee~

    after seeing my sketchbook, one of my classmates in philo class asked me if i was happy with my life.

    well, it’s not like i’m depressed and i’m quite satisfied with everything that’s been happening lately. i’m also not trying to be emo or anything.

    i suppose the reason why i draw these sort of things is because i find the emotions of grief and sadness fascinating. they’re like the most graceful of all emotions in my opinion, and it would really be nice if i am able to capture them someday in my works. :))

  8. dirkfromstatefarm:


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  9. Predator and Prey

  10. madeleineishere:

    This is based on a superstition my mom had, she always made sure I carried a coin.

    I did this comic in 1hr. to challenge myself to make something. Enjoy :)

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